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Helping fellow equestrians and competitors was the driving force behind starting Capo Custom Saddles. Our passions truly lies in being able to educate horse owners and trainers on proper saddle fit, and the ramifications a poorly fit saddle will have on their horse's performance, and even the rider's performance. We offer fittings via email through photos, the use of molds, in-person appointments, and in clinic settings. 


Individual Appointments

We offer local and out of area individual saddle fittings. During a fitting appointment, we evaluate the horse's confirmation, check for soreness, check the fit of the current saddle being used. We then fit the horse(s) with saddles and/or molds we may have on hand. At the end of the fitting, a full evaluation of the horse, current tack, and rider will be provided and a recommendation will be offered. 


Like our individual fittings, horses are evaluated to the current saddle/s and pads they are being ridden in, and will be fitted to something that suits them better. Trainers  will be provided a spreadsheet to help keep saddle and pad recommendations organized. 


Barn Managers may block off a date at the request of their boarders within and outside of the DFW area. A schedule will be sent to the barn manager and boarders may sign up on their own. 


Clinics are broken down into 2 sessions: an educational session and a fitting session. The goal for these clinics is to educate riders and trainers on saddle fit, performance issues that may arise due to poor saddle fit, and how to confidently fit a saddle to a horse in the future. Clinic attendees have the option to audit the clinic or audit and have their horse evaluated.

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