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Before I started my own line of custom saddles, I used to consign higher-end performance horse saddles and wade saddles. I would travel around town fitting horses and educating my clients on the different fits, terminology, and everything in between. My wish was to see saddle fit transform the performance horse. Today I can positively impact our industry by helping fellow riders, competitors, and trainers in their education of saddle fit and how it enhances or hinders their horse’s performance.


I pride myself on being able to help fit my client’s horse/s and match them with the best fit options possible. There are many factors that come into play when assessing saddle fit. The biggest is that western saddles are all built on different trees from different manufacturers. This means that my 6.75” FQHB BW tree will likely be different than one from another maker. What this assessment is designed to do is help determine if your current saddle fits you, your horse, what changes need to be made to enhance the fit, and what you should look for in a used or new saddle purchase.


The online saddle fit assessment is going to be performed using multiple questions, several specific photos, and your hands. Because I am not able to put my hands on the horse, I cannot feel where the saddle fits tight or if it has areas of no contact. Instructions will be provided, and you’ll learn a fitting technique while you help me determine potential issues with the saddle fit!


Online Saddle Fit Assessment

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