Fit and suitability are extremely important; not every saddle works for every horse. With this in mind, we prefer to consult with prospective clients prior to selling an in-stock saddle or starting a build.


In-stock saddles are built with the same fine workmanship and high quality materials of our custom saddles.  It could be that your ideal Capo Custom Saddle is already waiting right here for you! If you aren't too picky and want to skip the wait for a custom order, we do accept "first dibs" on stock orders. We require a non-refundable deposit of $750 to place you on our list of waiters. 


To purchase an in-stock saddle or be placed on our "first dibs" list, you can email us at or call (816) 723-6935. Once payment is received, we’ll carefully package your saddle and ship it to you. We ship internationally, too!


To begin a custom build, you can email us at or call (816) 723-6935. We require a non-refundable $750 deposit to begin your order. First, we will discuss needs and fit as well how to perform a proper wither tracing. Once tree specs are determined, we’ll discuss the fun stuff. All of our saddles are completely crafted by hand, and hand-crafted work takes time; current wait time is 6-7 months for completion. We’re looking forward to discussing your needs and dreams!

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