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Educating trainers and riders has been the driving force of Capo Custom Saddles since the brand was conceptualized. Clinics are broken down into 2 sessions: an educational session and a fitting session. The goal for these clinics is to educate riders and trainers on saddle fit, performance issues that may arise due to poor saddle fit, and how to confidently fit a saddle to a horse in the future. Our clinics are best held in conjunction with a riding clinic. This way riders and their horses can first be evaluated for performance issues that may be due to poor saddle fit. Saddle fit clinic attendees have the option to audit the clinic or audit and have their horse and saddle fit evaluated.

We have limited availability, but we are booking clinics outside of Fort Worth. Please contact us directly for availability!

2023 Clinics

  • August 12 - Lebanon, OR - PME Performance Horses 

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